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.:: RULES ::.
Please read the rules before you post, as well as follow the rules, and make the forums safe and suitable for all users
1) "trolling" is not accepted in ANY forums, unless they are identified by an admin or a mod as Spam. Do not post more than once at a time. If you feel something needs to be fixed, use the "Edit" button. Breaking this rule results in a warning.
2) No typing in all capital letters. It takes up forum space.
3) Any posts not related to any topics should be posted in the "General Discussion" forum.
4) DO NOT POST PORNOGRAPHY!! Although some users are above the age of 18, and legally allowed to view explicit content, it is not encouraged. The punishment for posting pornography is a temporary ban. Anything showing an act of harsh sexuality is not allowed. If it happens again, then it will be a permanent ban. However, mild pornography, such as a glimpse is acceptable. Examples of what is accepted include...

.~Pulling up of shirt

~Topless pressed against eachother

~Poses for "Art" 

5) No "Bumping"
6) Do not post illegal material
7) Any malicious, violent, or absurd behavior will be ban-worthy. If you belittle someone, seriously threaten, make racial remarks, or severely insult another user, your account will be immediately banned. No Exceptions. If this happens to you, please inform an admin or a mod immediately
8) Chatspeak is to be kept to a minimum. If you abuse/overuse it, you will receive a warning. Be cautious of this. The reason is because not only is there the possibility of other users not understand it, it may also be unappreciated. Examples:he110, L337, w3123w01f, etc.
9) Plagiarizing is Illegal, therefor it is not allowed in this forum. If you are caught plagiarizing, the punishment is a permanent ban.
10) Flaming is not allowed. Flaming is the act of getting into a heated fight/argument with somebody simply to put that user down. This is a friendly community where we all share interests and likes, as well as enjoy them.
11) Multiple accounts are not allowed. If a user makes multiple accounts, they will be banned. The reason is to control flooding and spam.
12) Advertising is not allowed. Please do not advertise other sites in these forums. If you wish to advertise, attach it to your signature, or ask an admin/mod permission first. Contacting individual users through Private Messages (PMs) is allowed as a source of advertising.



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